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Listing Your Space

Discover the true potential of your space and reap the financial rewards along the way.

We have a high demand for all types of spaces

Your space might be just what we're looking for! We are listing everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary; from your average suburban family local home, local florist and cafe, cliff-top mansion and everything in between. Don't underestimate the desirability and value in your space.

We manage your space with you

We do the hard work for you! We provide tips to help you list your property and make it appealing to potential hirers. We help you to price your property and to manage your calendar. We liaise with producers on your behalf once your property has been selected.

Manage your projects virtually

The process is made easy through our website where you can manage your listing and its availability. Edit the details and available dates you would like your space to be available and choose how your location is presented. You have control over what kind of production your space is used for and can edit its specifics and images at any given time.

We secure you the best rate

We work around you and your preferred rate to ensure you are completely satisfied before we hire your space. We do our best to deliver your asking price and ensure you reap all the benefits of listing your space with us. We want you to benefit from your home and the impact it can have in the production industry.


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