About us

About us

We created A Perfect Space because we know how difficult and time consuming the location scouting process can be.

Use our free, intuitive search engine to quickly find production ready locations. Whether you are a photographer, film producer, director, locations manager or event manager. A Perfect Space has been designed to give you control over the entire scouting process. We offer an extensive database of both private and commercial properties.

We connect producers to the perfect film and TV locations
Film & TV
Our locations are specifically sourced for still shoots as well as video. Select from a range of locations which accommodate to all film types and functional necessities.
Photography & Video
At A Perfect Space we specialise in the production industry. We understand the everchanging demands of the industry and the factors to take into consideration when sourcing locations.
Not only are our locations camera ready and photogenetic, but they allow for beautiful spaces to hold special events. With a range of sizes and design types, our locations are perfect for corporate events, dinner parties or events for special occasions.
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Mount Buller Australia was the mountain setting that saw the APS team working with an international crew of 30 from New York - who had a very unique and logistically challenging brief!