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A Perfect Space is the world's first digital locations platform

A Perfect Space was founded on the simple idea that there is a more efficient and inspiring way to scout, search and book locations through cutting edge technology to save you time and budget. We offer locations for film, television, photoshoots, TV series, brand activation and events.

Whether you are a film maker, a location scout or producer

Our free, intuitive search engine allows photographers, film producers, directors, brand, location and event managers to quickly find production ready locations from an extensive database to suit their brief.


The process involved to source locations for shoots, events, TVC's, film series and brand activations is a long, arduous and stressful one. There had to be a better way for producers to scout locations, as well as provide a platform for home and event space owners to market their spaces to our national database. A Perfect Space provides a service to assist your location scouting process each and every step of the way meanwhile saving you time and budget every time.


A Perfect Space helps you to save time and budget with your location search. Simply jump in and start your search and for each location that meets your brief simply click the shortlist icon on each listing to create a shortlist and share with your team. Once you have created your shortlist, simply share your PDF download which contains live links.


To make a booking or schedule a recce simply follow these steps: Firstly, create an account or sign in. Find your desired listings, then click either of the BOOK A RECCE or MAKE A BOOKING buttons. Lastly, complete your booking details, and we will take care of the rest.