Why choose A Perfect Space?

Why us

We make it easy to search, shortlist and book the perfect space for your next production.

Search engine

Search our unique locations on a global stage, tapping into local knowledge



Location scouts

Discover production ready locations and use our online tools to streamline the scouting process

Build shortlists and collaborate with your team online; no more messy emails! We are the location scouting service making the process easy, quick and seamless! Our stunning locations are there for you and your production needs. Our interactive website will assist you with this process at every stage. Use our platform as the digital way to research, manage and collaborate during the production process, whilst our team is here to help at any stage you may need.


Project Management

Manage your projects virtually

Our website allows for simple and easy management of your location needs. With the capability to save and book recces, all of your location organisation can be done virtually. Enjoy exploring our extensive range of locations and the details of each property. Digitally save them along the way for current or future projects and easily share these spaces with your colleagues.


Workflow management

Tools to keep you informed

For each location we offer deep insights and all relevant logistical information. From design types, pricing, parking availability and crew capacity, we have every detail covered.


Privacy and Security

Securely book a recce or production space

To ensure a safe and secure production process we check that all of our locations meet our privacy and security guidelines. Feel at ease when booking a location or listing your space through our platform as we use a secure payment system which protects both parties.


Work on the big picture without the stress.

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